Best Credit Card in India (2024 Review)

If you searching out for the best credit card in India then you’ll figure it out in this article. Credit cards are one of the most popular payment instruments in the world. Besides being easy to use, this one payment tool provides many advantages in the form of discounts and promos.

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No wonder so many people use credit cards in their transactions. The calculation can save expenses if you always use promotional offers.

In India, the number of credit cards in circulation till Nov 2023 reached 96 million (source). Before getting on the best credit cards, just have a look at the types of credit cards.

Types of Credit Cards

There are two main types of Credit Card in India:

  1. Visa Credit Card
  2. Master Credit Card

1. Visa credit card

Have a credit card with the Visa logo?

You need to know this card turns out to be the most popular credit card in the world. From 168 countries, the use of Visa logo cards is more dominant in 123 countries.

In its home country, the United States, the circulation of Visa cards reaches 304 million cards. While in other countries, the number of visa cards in circulation reached 545 million, including in India.

2. MasterCard

Just like Visa, MasterCard is also a system or network of credit cards that are popular in use in the world. The MasterCard credit card was developed by a company from the United States named MasterCard Incorporated.

The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in New York, United States. Before using the name MasterCard, this company used to be called the Interbank Card Association, which was founded in 1966.

Which is Best Credit Card in India?

The Best Credit card in India are:

1. Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Citibank is really known for its cashback credit cards. By signing up for this card and make a purchase, you will get 5% cashback on purchasing movie tickets and on the off chance that you simply use the card to require care of your utility tabs like power bills or utility bills.

Additionally, you likewise get a 0.5% refund on different buys produced using the card. It means that every time you use it, you will get a cashback without question.

Moreover, you’ll change over your buys more than Rs. 2000 into your regularly scheduled payments too. The annual maintenance fee is simply Rs. 500 for every annum.

2. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

This card is truly outstanding and usually searched for any occasion in India such as shopping, eating out, cashback even as remuneration focuses.

This is often the most Mastercard that provides 5% of cashback within staple buy; If you buy basic food item from any supermarket like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, and et cetera, you get A cash back of 5% money of your bill sum.

Well, that’s an immense saving as we unquestionably utilize our MasterCard an excellent deal once we patronize these stores.

3. ICICI Instant Platinum Version of Credit Card

On the off chance that you simply work for yourself, such as freelancing or entrepreneurship, who has an awful record as a consumer due to a cause of budgetary emergency and wish to possess a Visa.

This is often the foremost suitable credit card, you can always rely on Platinum MasterCard by ICICI to individuals who actually have an account with them with no budgetary reports. No wonder this card is considered the best credit card in India.

4. Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card

This card does offer the greatest advantages to normal fuel charge for clients in India. By using this card, you get 4 Turbo points on the spending of every Rs. 150 for fuel in many outlets of Indian Oil around the country.

You’ll get these turbo points of the free of charge fuel or can likewise utilize these points for purchasing gift vouchers. You likewise get your fuel additional charge credited back to card within all the Indian oil depot. apart from fuel, you additionally get turbo points on different spends also.

5. Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

An extraordinary card for those who likes movies and of course, shopping. This Axis mastercard offers incredible shopping, eating and diversion benefits.

This card gives 10% cash back on the off chance that you simply use it in order to do booking film tickets, for all the web-based shopping or in any event. You likewise get extra advantages from many highest web-based business portals.

6. HDFC Bank Diners Club Card

This Visa credit card by Bank HDFC can perhaps be the simplest card in India with many offers regarding the incredible advantages for shopping, travel, and amusement exchanges.

By using the card, you will get multiple times the price points on any air ticket booking or lodging booking (local or global), and you’ll likewise recover those price points to additionally book airplane tickets and/or inns.

Being one of the exceptional cards, you gain admittance to different airport terminal parlors in India even as one of many abroads MasterCard. On all different spending, you will get 5 prize points once an order of Rs. 150 spent.

7. IndusInd Credit Card

Being within the excellent card classification, it is offering some extravagance offers to clients in feasting even as a way of life benefits. you’ll profit from incredible limits by utilizing the online purchasing agency By doing this you will get a great discount and then forth.

Whenever you spend about Rs 200, you will get about Rs 40. It’s indeed the most profitable credit card there is in India.

8. SBI CARD Elite

This flawlessly planned mastercard by the leading financial institution of India has such an excellent amount to supply to mastercard clients.

The card gives clients limits on airplane ticket and lodging appointments, complimentary parlor get to (worldwide even as local), appealing ideas on shopping, eating, and theatre ticket appointments.


That is all for the best credit cards in India. So, which is the best credit card in India for you? The answer depends on your need & uses. Make sure you choose one according to your own preference that suits your shopping requirements.

Credit Card FAQs

Which bank offers best credit cards?

Some of the banks in India that offers best credit cards are HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Which is the best credit card for online shopping in India?

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Citi Banks are among top credit card providers that offers best credit cards for online shopping in India.

Which credit card offers No-Cost EMIs?

No cost EMIs depends upon credit card providers as they offers No cost EMIs on selected online & offline purchases. Generally, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank credit cards frequently offer no-cost EMIs on Flipkart & Amazon.

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