Home Loan Eligibility Criteria in 2023

Securing a housing loan hinges on meeting certain prerequisites for qualification. Financial institutions, banks, and lenders employ individualised approaches to evaluate the applicant’s credibility, financial standing, and earnings. It’s important to recognize that the eligibility criteria for housing loans can diverge among different lenders.

These stipulations act as a yardstick to assess the applicant’s capacity to handle loan repayments, ensuring a stable and secure lending environment. Typically, lenders consider factors such as the applicant’s credit history, income stability, existing financial commitments, and the ratio of the loan amount to the property’s value.

For an in-depth understanding of the specific Home Loan Eligibility criteria, referring to the succinct guide provided will furnish comprehensive insights. This guide is instrumental in clarifying the intricate elements that lenders consider when determining the eligibility of an individual for a housing loan.

Housing Loan Eligibility

Here are the critical Home Loan Eligibility Criteria:

1. Age

Tenure of a house loan depends on his/her age as your age, like a person above 60 years of age can’t qualify for a home loan for which tenure can be of more than 10 years.

2. LifeStyle

Banks do take into account one’s lifestyle as in if one is earning 50,000, how much he requires to bear his household and personal expenses per month will be deducted from his monthly income, and the remaining amount which comes is considered as his surplus or the amount that he can pay an EMI or installment.

3. Cibil Score

The most important thing that banks take into consideration is your CIBIL score. If you have been found guilty of not paying your credit limits or loan installments properly in past recent, in that case, the bank will straightaway deny your loan application.

4. Loan Records

Last but not least, banks check all your past and current records of loans & credits. Have you paid your previous loans on time and currently how many loans are due from you on accounts?


If one passes all these criteria, he/she as per his income and depending on the banks gets his/her desirable amount of home loan at ease. However, you must take care of the home loan interest rates to get eligibility at ease. Also, calculate your loan repaying capacity using our free online home loan EMI calculator.