Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Thinking about a personal loan? To estimate the monthly installment payable, use this simple Personal Loan EMI calculator. Fill the line of credit, lending tenure, and cost of borrowing and quantify the loan Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). The interest rate under consideration is decreasing.

What is a Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Personal Loan EMI Calculator is a useful online tool for calculating the loan EMI. It’s effortless to use and accurate in calculations. Within a fraction of seconds the information is ready. Our Personal Loan EMI calculator can help to plan loan payments more efficiently.

What exactly is Personal Loan EMI?

EMI is also known as the Equated Monthly Installment. It is a fixed amount that borrower pay to the bank each month on a fixed date. If a person receives a loan from a bank or any loan firm the EMI will be paid back for the loan. Several factors decide the EMI value including:

  • Borrowed principal
  • Interest rate
  • Loan term 
  • Rest period on a monthly/annual basis

The mathematical formula for calculating EMI is:

E = P x r x (1 + r )n / ((1 + r )n – 1 )

  • Where P= loan amount, r= interest rate, and n=tenure in months. 
  • The greater the loan amount or interest rate, the greater the EMI payment, and vice versa.

How is the EMI for a personal loan calculated?

Calculation requires filling in the necessary information in the given field. After entering the information, the user receives the result, which includes the monthly EMI amount, monthly interest, principle paid in given EMI, total interest on loan, and total loan payable. Following steps outlines the EMI Calculation procedure pretty well:

  • Choose or enter the amount of loan you want to take out. 
  • Select or enter the repayment period.
  • Input the interest rate charged for your loan by the lender.
  • The calculator displays the results automatically.
  • The cumulative EMI, payable interest amount as well as overall levied sum are shown in the online EMI calculator
  • By changing your inputs, you can recalculate the EMI.
  • Every time, the EMI will be calculated correctly.

What Factors Influence Personal Loan EMIs?

Personal loan EMIs are affected by a variety of factors. The monthly payments are determined by the principal amount, term, and interest rate.

Before approving personal loans, banks and other lending institutions one should take into account these critical factors to determine the loan amount & interest rate charged on a personal loan

  • Your credit rating.
  • Record of repayment
  • Income documentation.
  • Investment statements
  • Nature & location of employment
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Yearly earnings.

 How do you choose the appropriate EMI amount for yourself?

  • Understand your monthly income: You can choose your EMI, loan amount and loan tenure based on your savings and expenditure rates.
  • Debt Amount: This amount relates to the quantity to be borrowed through a personal loan which would also ascertain the tenure of the loan.
  • Interest rate calculations: You can use possible varieties of term loan with the suggested loan to attain the optimum tenure for your line of credit. 
  • Evaluate Your Future Financial Prospects: When budgeting or calculating your loan EMI, keep in mind any upcoming salary increases or increments. Accordingly then EMI can be increased and repayment tenure can be shortened.
  • Utilise an personal loan EMI calculator: If there remains a dilemma as to which kind of loan borrowing is best, an personal loan EMI calculator provides the best solution. A great tool for free to use, helps you calculate the amount of the EMI and determine the duration of your loan. A personal loan EMI calculator details total interest, total income, and full payment (interest + principal) due during the loan term.

 ‌How should the Personal Loan EMI be paid?

The EMIs are due on a set date of each month, which is communicated to the borrower when the loan is disbursed. Today, the NACH (National Automated Clearing House) mandate makes loan repayment nearly automatic. EMI deduction these days are done directly from the borrower’s bank account.

The borrower also can pay manually and payment in part but it is totally depends on the lending institution or bank.

Privileges of Using This EMI Calculator

  • Simple to use.
  • Saves time and yields quick results.
  • Assists you in determining your EMI.
  • Assists you in planning.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator FAQs

What happens, If I fail to pay your EMI?

Assuming the EMIs remain the same, the loan’s tenure would increase due to insufficient balance or any other reason. Remember that failing to pay your EMIs reflects poorly on your credit ratings and may have an impact on your credit score. As a result, borrowing is within one’s means to ensure financial security.

Can I pay Personal Loan EMIs in advance or part-payment?

Yes, Personal Loan EMIs can be paid in advance or part-payment but it totally depends on the lender bank or financial institution.

What is the maximum duration for Personal Loan EMIs?

In general, banks and financial institutions give personal loan for a duration of ranging from 6 months to 72 months.